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Title: Quantum TV Platform
Post by: admin on June 01, 2016, 09:57:37 PM
For those of you requiring a much simpler, higher quality live TV platform with built in program guide the Quantum TV Platform is for you. Utilising your internet connection (minimum 2 Mbps) you will be able to watch live TV from all around the world, in High definition. Ideal for Rentals, super reliable & huge choice of content in crystal clear quality.

You can choose to subscribe for a month, 3 months 6 months or yearly. Please drop us a line for more information. Combine this with the 30 days BBC Iplayer & ITV catchup you have already & The new Quantum Platform ticks all the boxes.






Arabic channels


Indian Channels


Detailed program guide of whats on


See the Quantum box post for the best hardware to run this platform

Quantum Price List

1 Month - 20!/Quantum-TV-1-month/p/70741416/category=18223040 (!/Quantum-TV-1-month/p/70741416/category=18223040)

3 Months  -  50!/Quantum-TV-3-Months/p/70741432/category=18223040 (!/Quantum-TV-3-Months/p/70741432/category=18223040)

6 Months  - 100!/Quantum-TV-6-Months/p/70741449/category=18223040 (!/Quantum-TV-6-Months/p/70741449/category=18223040)

12 Months  -  150!/Quantum-TV-12-Months/p/70741457/category=18223040 (!/Quantum-TV-12-Months/p/70741457/category=18223040)
Title: Re: Quantum TV Platform
Post by: admin on February 11, 2018, 06:24:38 PM
Super stable and reliable